Whittall & Shon

Whittall & Shon is the brainchild of Eliot Whittall and Richard Shon. Together they have been designing hats for over 30 years. As young men, fresh out of the Rhode Island School of Design and Stanford University, respectively, cocktail hats were all the rage and boy did they make cocktail hats. There were painters’ palettes, sequined clocks and Arabian Night slippers perched on hats. All very glamorous, chic and fun.

They live and breathe hats. Their attention to detail is unrelenting. Finding the perfect jewel to match the right feather on a hat is a quandary they gladly deliberate over. Some have said Whittall & Shon bring back the elegance, passion and attention to detail not seen since the early years of Coco Chanel. For those who dare to wear beautiful hats in this era of casual dressing down, Whittall & Shon continues to deliver the most elegant, sophisticated, handcrafted millinery creations for its clients.

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